Monthly Archives: September 2012

First Wanderlust

I remember a French Philosophy course I took in college, one that changed the way I read books and wrote words. The professor was tough, I had a lot to prove, and I was eager. We were reading Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. In this story, a man who leaves his life’s work to reside […]

Short Story: A Dog’s Funeral

               For Kat    The first time I went to my girlfriend’s house, it was for her dog’s funeral. She had died the night before and her parents were so distraught, they had their daughters come home for the service and burial.             When Sophia told me this was what we were doing with our […]

Flash Fiction: Slip N’Slide

The Slip ‘N Slide Kendra always wanted a Slip ‘N Slide. She had seen the commercials for it between Saturday morning cartoons countless times. The kids in them looked like they were having the best Summer of their lives on that sheet of yellow plastic. She asked her mother for one for her birthday, but […]

Flash Fiction: The Moccasins

For Samantha     “I LOVE them.” “You do?” “Yes. These are so great. I love them. I really love them.” After I said it for the third time, I thought he might turn away so I could breathe, but he didn’t, so I said it again. “I love them.” “Miley Cyrus has them too.” “Oh, […]

Poetry Pile Ups

   Oh, hey. Yes. That’s me.  Nostalgia is a theme I often go to when I write. Our memories and the things that link us to them is what invokes emotion. The theme of today’s Poetry Pile Up was nostalgia, and this time I asked for art as well as words. I’ve compiled your images […]

Field Trip

We went to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park today with our little nieces and my sister. It was sunny and a good 65 degrees- a perfect January day in the city.  Taxidermy at its best. Cutest kids in town.


  There are things that should never be separated, or the should at least be experienced together once in one’s life. Coffee and cigarettes immediately comes to mind, along with candles and bathtubs, vodka and caviar, and turquoise and silver.               I’ve had a few moments in my life when I’ve discovered such a […]

Retro Vegas

I’ve been in Las Vegas for the past few days. I wanted to try to avoid getting too crazy this time out to Sin City, so I brought my camera along and went on a few walks to see if I could grab some good shots. My husband and I went on a photo taking […]

The WWOOF Experience

WWOOF stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms: If you have any interest in farming, learning to grow food, caring for livestock, making cheese, pickling, and all things farm-ish, go WWOOFing. It’s easy: 1) Pick a country. You can WWOOF in a huge handful of countries around the world. 2) Go to the WWOOFing […]

Keeping it Clever

 Today I got a little bored and made oatmeal/chocolate chip/macadamia nut cookies, you know, just ’cause. While they were baking to a crisp, golden brown, I thought about some of the things I’d like to accomplish in the next few years. I thought and thought, and came to the realization that I don’t want to […]

Be Here Now

    I harmonize with the Earth as best I can. I thank her, I give back to her, and I use her resourcefully. I didn’t always do this, though. I had to learn to not leave my chargers plugged into the wall, not to leave the water running, not to use paper towels, to air […]